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Media Center

The Core function of the Media Center

The Media Center, primarily, in conjunction with the marketing division will function as the publicity of the Impendle Mirror newspaper and its business assets.

Moreover, in this digital era, we are facing a challenge of an information influx subjecting us to thread carefully in selecting accurate and relevant data beneficial to us. Hence, the role of the Impendle Mirror newspaper’s online Media Center is to assist greater Impendle community in terms of bringing the relevant information in the context of rural to semi- urban Impendle district livelihood.

Media Center will, therefore, work with both the greater Impendle community & Impendle municipality library to research, study & preserve documents including but not limited to archives, documentaries,  history or research information worthy to the greater Impendle community.

Our Mission as the Impendle Mirror newspaper

To inform, to interpret the news, to provide service, and to entertain newspaper readers with accurate and newsworthy information.

To support and facilitate basic reading literacy in greater rural Impendle region and surrounding areas. This is one aim of UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, goal No. 4 on quality education.


Contribution to unemployment reduction

Impendle Mirror newspaper is planning to create jobs throughout greater Impendle district, making the newspaper one of the largest local employer.


Corporate social responsibility

As part of the Impendle Mirror newspaper’s corporate social responsibility, the newspaper will sponsor greater Impendle local talents initiatives.

Current features on  Impendle Mirror newspaper online Media Center
Legal resources: 
Do you need justice or legal help? …Legal Aid South Africa and the Court of Law
Assistance for persons with disabilities: 
Learn about persons living with disabilities with the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities
Consumer resources: 
Did you have an unpleasant buying/ shopping experience? National Consumer Commission can assist you.
Job seekers resources:
South African employment trends in the 1st quarter of 2019 & externally-sourced jobs advertisements.
Educational resources: 
Road accident resources: 
Learn all about Who is entitled to & How to claim from the Road Accident Fund.
ESKOM electricity
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SAPS Crime Stop
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Impendle Thusong Centre
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Families South Africa [FAMSA]
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Impendle Taxi Association Customer Liaison Officer / Rank Manager
KZN Fires Protection Association
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November 2018

Traditional leadership and governance in rural Impendle district: A case study – PDF

December 2018

Government telecommunication agency, USASA, and provision of free Wi-fi at Impendle town: A case study – PDF

January 2019

The year ahead & Job search outlook among Impendle job hunting candidates – PDF

February 2019

A look at our greater Impendle district high schools and its ability to produce scholars “ready” to succeed at higher learning institutions – PDF

March 2019

Local small scale farmers’ produce and the harvesting time: The study of profitable market dynamics – PDF

April 2019

Good Friday & honouring Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible: as a greater Impendle, are we a community of faith? – PDF

May 2019

Democracy, politics and voting in the view of our rural settlement context – PDF

June 2019

Alcohol, crime, drugs, early child pregnancy, illiteracy, poverty, substance abuse, unemployment and other social ills such as ill behaviour and low self-esteem among young people – where does it all come from? A cause and effect dynamics. – PDF

November/December 2019

Encouraging local communities group savings Stokvels, and how it can impact on building our greater Impendle local economic activities, create jobs and ultimately produce better returns on a pool of funds invested – PDF

A Slide of Greater Impendle Community Notices

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Slide of Impendle community notices
#Greater Impendle Grade 12 Class of 2019!!! Impendle Mirror newspaper wishes to congradulate success of  Greater Impendle Grade 12 Class of 2019. We, again, wish you a success with your further tertiary education endeavours. You may like to check some of our useful resources on this website such as Educational resources or Job seekers resources