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Mondays to Fridays 2 – 6pm: Sekuntambama Radio Show
Variety radio show with local art & drama composition, comedy shows, urgent announcements, grade 12 learning shows & more

Fridays 6 – 9pm: Impendle Sounds Beat ¶¶¶
Greater Impendle local performance art in a wide genre of music composition, Zulu traditional rhythms and poetry recitals

Saturdays 5 – 9am: Emakhaya Wethu Radio Show
Focus on the family, the essence of a quality nurturing home, the function of parenting or guardian, what matters to children? Families’ issues, etc.

Sundays 5 – 9am: Indumiso kuNkulunkulu
Living in the will of the gospel of Heavens Almighty-God of trinity

Sundays 6 – 7pm: Sakha Isizwe – Impendle Our Dialogue
Greater Impendle communities issues talk show